Imaginative Design Meets

 Meticulous Craftsmanship


My design aesthetic is decidedly modern, always mindful of that ubiquitous form found in nature: the curve. Given that my raw material is completely natural, I feel an obligation to create objects that celebrate the magnificent natural forms that surround us. My work strives to remind us that life is rarely about straight lines, but rather a journey, comprised of twists and turns and curves in the road.


Development of my designs is often a challenging endeavor that can take months and in some cases, years. Ideas turn into sketches and sketches evolve into scale models. Eventually, the design is finalized and wood species decided on. Responsibly sourced hardwoods, often from around the globe, are hand-selected, then it's off to the studio, where weeks are spent bringing the design to life.


Every aspect of fabrication is done by me personally. All finishes are hand-applied, in multiple layers, capturing wood's intrinsic beauty as it should be: at the artist's fingertips.


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