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My furniture designs reflect who I am and what I am about. I am an artist at heart, but I can't paint portraits, sculpt statues or compose symphonies. My medium is wood and I am passionate about designing and creating wooden objects that transcend the ordinary. To me, those objects must be more than just visually appealing, like a painting hanging on a wall or sculpture sitting in a museum. They must have functional value, things we use every day that are part of our daily lives. Simply put, my mission is to create functional art.


The majority of people I come across don't really care about interesting design or meticulous craftsmanship. They are content to buy mass-produced furniture over the internet or out of a big box store and the main force driving their decision to buy is price. I have long since abandoned efforts to market my work to individuals who fall into this category.


But there are a good number of individuals who want much more from the furnishings that surround them. They are people who are not afraid of departing from the norm and not shy about embracing good design. They demand a high level of craftsmanship that they believe can only be found in the most exclusive (and expensive) furniture brands.


There is, however, an alternative: the studio furniture artist who works on his own (or perhaps has an assistant or two). He or she is a skilled designer and woodworker who creates every piece by hand and mass-produces nothing. He or she is passionate about imaginative design and is only satisfied when the highest level of craftsmanship is achieved. The end result: a one-of-a-kind, exquisite piece of functional art, not to be found anywhere else.


This studio furniture artist invites you to explore examples of my work here on this web site as well as on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I readily acknowledge that some of my designs are not for everyone, so I do welcome customization requests that are within the realm of my capabilities.


And please remember that you should never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss a custom project.



Paul Carlino



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