Artistry in wood by Paul Carlino



Furniture of Exceptional Style and Rarity


Every person seeks some form of individuality. Despite what the mass-marketing geniuses tell you about setting yourself apart, the fact is that objects produced on a large scale will ultimately be possessed by thousands if not millions of individuals around the world. My furniture creations are the exact opposite. All my designs are originals, not copies of someone else's work. I produce every piece one at a time in my woodworking studio and almost never create the exact same piece twice. Rarity is guaranteed. Expression of individuality is a given. If you are looking to set yourself apart and seek an expertly crafted, space-transforming piece of functional art, please give me a call. We will work together to create a spectacular heirloom the likes of which will not be possessed by anyone but you.


All designs shown on these pages can be produced for you in a similar, if not exact, fashion to what is depicted. Or they can be modified to meet your specific requirements. Some of the pieces shown may still be available for sale. Please contact me for availability and with any questions you may have.


Paul Carlino


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