It was the year the first Sputnik satellite was launched by the Soviet Union. “American Bandstand” made its TV debut on ABC and Elvis was all the rage. Toyota first started selling cars in the United States with its “Toyopet Crown” model. The final episode of “I Love Lucy” aired and gas cost 24 cents a gallon. The average car sold for $2,749 and car designs saw continued growth of tail fins, chrome and lights. And I was all of 5 years old. The year was 1957.


My retro "1957" desk & chair combination is inspired by some of the iconic designs of the 1950’s. It sports a very unique look that is a throw-back to both mid-century furniture design and mid-50’s automobile styling.  A bit of space-age flavor done in the bright, playful colors of the time. And reminiscent of one of the coolest cars of all time: the 1957 Chevy Bel Air.


Both desk and matching chair are crafted in solid Hard Maple in a whitewash finish with classic 50’s turquoise accents. The clock enclosure suggests some cool automotive dash board styles of the time and the clock itself can easily be swapped out for an included 3” round photo frame, allowing you to instantly infuse your own personal touch.


If you relish the idea of reliving some of the flavor of the good old days that were the 1950's, this work of art in wood may be just what you are looking for.


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