I have been designing and building wood furniture for close to three decades. I am completely self-taught, with no formal training in furniture design or woodworking. While I do hold a BA degree, there was never any formal course work in the field. However, my studies did give me a profound appreciation for the arts and the creative process


I started out small, creating pine pieces for our home and four young children, purely as a hobbyist. Initially, with a very modest set of tools, my creations were borne out of the necessity to save dollars and to make objects that last. As time went on, I was able to acquire more sophisticated woodworking tools and the knowledge and skills that allowed me to elevate my game.


Beginning in 2005, I started designing and building more complex pieces, crafting them from premium hardwoods. My pine days were finally over. I discovered there was a market for my new creations and I started selling them. Suddenly, woodworking was more than just a hobby. Still, with a full-time day job to attend to, most of my build times were on weekends and evenings.


Finally, in 2014, I was able to take my retirement and bid farewell to the day job. The time had finally arrived to devote all my time and energy to what I love.  


I am proud to say that every one of my pieces is hand-made by me and only me, one at a time, in my woodworking studio in Upstate New York. From the initial design sketch to lumber selection to applying the very last coat of finish, every single task is performed by me personally. This insures an unmatched level of quality control.


Recognizing that some of my designs might not be for everyone, I am more than happy to consider custom requests. I have done many custom pieces for clients and have truly enjoyed working with them every step of the way until they got exactly what they wanted. I would be honored to do the same for you.


Please do not hesitate to call me (716-523-9330) or e-mail me (paul@carlinogallery.com) with any questions.



Paul Carlino




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