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I am a wood furniture designer and builder who has been practicing my craft for over 3 decades. My designs are unique and are completely original. I do not copy the work of others nor do I ever build from plans. I am passionate about the entire creative process. I start with an idea, making many sketches with numerous revisions before I feel it is worthy of creation. Then I head into the studio to bring my idea to life. My studio is a fully equipped wood shop with a large variety of both power and hand tools. It can take weeks and sometimes months to bring a concept to life. Every aspect of the process is performed by me, from wood selection to application of the final coat of finish. I use only responsibly sourced hardwoods and always endeavor to keep waste to a minimum. I am highly respectful of the gift that nature has given us in the form of spectacular woods that exhibit amazing color, grain and figure.


Now more than ever is it important to bring beautiful, hand-made objects into our lives. Many of us spend a great deal more time in our homes and are typically surrounded my mass-produced electronics, appliances and furniture, none of which exhibit any degree of soul. Nothing mass produced will. Unique and individual works of art created by real people with a real passion for their craft will unquestionably infuse that soul into our spaces. 


Paul Carlino


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