This positively stunning Cherry writing desk incorporates my signature arched front leg design. The piece is certain to become the focal point of any room in your home, be it public space such as a living room or family room, or more private space such as a home office or bedroom. The desk top is solid curly cherry and the aprons, upper drawer enclosures, back piece and drawer fronts are all crafted in solid Cherry, finished in a medium-tone stain and multiple coats of satin clear finish. The legs are solid hard Maple, finished in a black satin top coat. The small drawers on the desk top are perfect for smaller items and the central drawer under the top has ample room for a folded laptop, tablet or important books and papers.


The legs are easily removed to reduce the risk of damage when moving (and the piece is shipped to you that way, with full instructions and wrench for attachment). The entire piece is constructed in such a way that if, down the road, it becomes necessary to repair scratches or minor dings, it can be fully disassembled, refinished and reassembled. Please call for pricing information.





With a shape similar to a piece of pottery, six different woods of incredible natural color comprise the top of this work of art. From left to right: Curly Maple, Purpleheart, Yellowheart, Curly Cherry, Black Walnut and Padauk. All natural colors. No stain. Gloss clear coat. Grain is oriented front to back, enhancing the pottery look. The base is painted black over hard Maple. Please call for pricing information.


The sexy shape and blend of Quilted Maple, Curly Cherry and Claro Walnut make this desk a very unique piece. The desk aprons are Curly Cherry with incredible figure, carefully matched across the drawer front. The contrasting tapered legs are Claro Walnut. None of the piece is stained; all color is natural, protected by 5 coats of clear gloss finish. Please call for pricing information.

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