They are born in the same forests. They live harmoniously together their entire lives. As they approach the end of their life cycles, they depart the forest, but live anew. They are Black Walnut and Hard Maple, very much different to the eye, but very much alike inside. I have brought these two spectacular woods together in my proudest work to date: Harmony. The woods' similarities and differences, their contrasting colors and grain patterns work in harmony to create a magnificent one. Their natural imperfections make them… perfect.


There is a lesson to be taught and learned here. Nature has created two very different looking works of art that live together as a perfect whole. Why can’t we? Why can’t we celebrate our differences and unify as a beautifully contrasting, perfectly harmonious work of art called Life?


Plans are underway to donate this piece to a deserving charity that will auction it off to raise funds. Preferably, the charity ultimately chosen will be one that promotes racial equality, harmonious living among all races or one that is dedicated to helping individuals, regardless of color or national origin, who have been adversely affected by the pandemic. Any suggestions in this regard are welcomed.    


Please contact me for further information about this piece or to offer suggestions.     


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