A unique and stylish writing desk or dressing table, with matching bench, destined to become the focal point of any room. This piece is crafted from solid hard Maple and is finished in a whitewash stain with gloss top coat. The front and rear rails are carefully crafted to exactly match the sexy shape of the top. The front rail/drawer area is cut from a single piece of Maple, allowing the stunning grain to flow over the entire drawer front. Please call for pricing information.




We constantly hear about reclaimed wood from dismantled barns, industrial buildings and other structures. This started out as virgin old-growth timber, harvested decades ago from healthy trees. While I applaud recycling this wood, the fact remains that healthy, old-growth forests were irresponsibly logged years ago to bring this material to market.


Ambrosia Maple is totally different. It has not been reclaimed, it has been rescued. The term "Ambrosia Maple" applies to eastern red and sliver maples that have streaks of color caused by an infestation of the ambrosia beetle. Beetles usually infest dead or dying trees and often will enter the trunk through a broken branch or other injury. By harvesting these trees before they fall over and rot into the ground, they can be processed into useful lumber to create stunning furniture and other items. Healthy trees are never harvested, only dead or dying ones. All lumber is fully fumigated and kiln dried, so there are no worries about any little living critters remaining.


This same Ambrosia Maple lives on as the gorgeous, marble-like top of this coffee table, married to the stylish solid steel legs, making for a truly unique, modern piece.


Dimensions: 47.5”L x 19”W x 16”H.  Please call for pricing information.




Multiple design elements take this incredible writing desk to a new level of style. First, gentle curves front and back subtly suggest the shape of a butterfly, hence the name Farfalla. Second, the shapely curved legs are set at a 45 degree angle to the drawer compartment, following the contour of the top. Finally, the top and drawer compartment in stunning Goncalo Alves provide amazing contrast with the sexy Black Walnut legs.  As in all my desk designs, the front is constructed from one single piece of wood, allowing the grain to flow perfectly across the drawer front. This piece of course is available by special order in any wood species desired. Dimensions: 43" wide x 21.75" deep (at the ends) and 30" tall. Please call for pricing information.




In Cherry & Black Walnut. A study in clean, uncluttered design.  Please call for pricing information.


In Goncalo Alves & Black Walnut. Clean design, incredible grain & perfect contrast between woods.


Please call for pricing information.




A coffee table I have named “Pi.”  A look suggestive of the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet and the mathematical symbol. The heavily-figured Tiger Maple top, supported by gently slanted solid Maple legs, makes for a stunning piece that will unquestionably transform any space. Approximate dimensions: 46” wide, 20” deep & 16” high. Please call for pricing information.

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