Snowy Summit


I give you Snowy Summit, the newest interpretation of my provocative Summit desk design. The suggestion of a mountain peak piercing through the top gave rise to the original name. The pure, white-wash finish over solid Hard Maple inspired the “Snowy” adjective. The signature, gently curved legs, left and right, symbolize ascent to and descent from the peak. The desk top contributes to the left-to-right movement of the piece, somewhat resembling the shape of a snow board. The base consists of a full-height drawer opening, the entire front being crafted from a single piece of Maple, preserving the flow of the grain. The drawer is crafted from solid Hard Maple with dovetail joinery both front and back. The drawer pull is pure Swarovski Crystal, resembling a perfectly symmetrical ice globe very much at home married to this cool piece of functional art. And despite the wide spacing of the legs, the piece is incredibly solid and stable.


Included is my brand-new “Triangolo” chair design, also crafted in solid Hard Maple with matching finish.


Only one will be produced. Indulge yourself and make it yours! Price as shown: $4,500.



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