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My classic car silhouette creations make no attempt to create detail beyond the outline. Rather, I let the natural beauty of the wood do most of the talking. After all, this is furniture. That is not to say that I don’t incorporate other elements to remind us that this furniture is inspired by motor cars. Colored borders and legs. Wood colors and drawer pulls that have origins in actual vehicles. Some pulls even imitating brake calipers, hood ornaments or badges.


On this page are answers to common client questions. I invite you to give me a call if you don’t find the answers you need.


Would my classic car be suitable?

A lot depends on whether the pure silhouette will be recognizable. For example, so many modern SUV’s look very similar from the side that it would be a challenge to tell what is what. I am happy to take a look at any submission and create a silhouette image for you to review before proceeding. Also, proportions are critical in creating a piece that is suitable as a desk. A long and low car will require sufficient length to make the depth usable.


Can I purchase an existing piece?

All of my silhouette desk creations are custom builds based on customer requests. In rare cases, some existing pieces may be made available for sale. Please contact me to ask about availability. 


What about cost?

In general, total cost will not exceed $2000. However, size and wood species may affect that number.


What kinds of wood can be used?

Literally any type of hardwood and there are hundreds of species.


Can I get wood samples?

I am more than happy to provide samples free of charge. I would not expect you to commission a piece without being able to see the wood in person.


What kind of legs can be used?

I prefer to use hairpin or other metal legs with modern style that don’t detract from the look of the top. I am happy to discuss all possible options to make sure you get exactly what you want.


What is the drawer size?

That varies and is dependent on the “wheelbase” and depth of the piece.  The drawer is not a big one but should be enough size to accommodate phones, tablets, etc.


Can I order a desk without a drawer?



What kind of accent colors are available?

There is literally an unlimited choice of colors for the edging, legs and drawer pulls.


Where can color be applied?

The solid wood field of the top can be stained or dyed to the client’s specifications. The edge of the top and the metal legs can be painted in an unlimited array of colors. Some choices for drawer pulls can be painted as well.


How big are the desks?

Size is variable depending on the client’s wishes. To allow sufficient depth of the desk top while maintaining proper proportions, it is sometimes necessary to extend length to 7 feet or more, particularly on the silhouettes of low vehicles, such as sports cars. Height to the top of any desk is typically around 30 inches.


What about tax and shipping?

Sales tax must be collected based on the client’s state of residence. Shipping to the lower 48 states will generally not exceed $100. All pieces are shipped with legs removed for the safety of the piece and to reduce shipping costs. The client merely has to attach each leg with the provided screws.


What is needed from me to get the process started?

A simple phone call or e-mail is all it takes. A high resolution image of the subject vehicle will be needed to get started. If requested, I am happy to research vehicle images and let the client decide which one will be used.

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